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Marrakech New Eve 2012 Party with Dar Najat

« THE COOLEST RIAD IN MARRAKECH » Dar Najat organise as each years a great Royal Couscous Party with Gnawas Musiciens, dancers& dJ and lot’s of fun!

"best place in Marrakech to celebrate new year,riad dar najat"

Best romantic riad to have a new eve party,riad dar najat.



Najat is celebrating its annual, amazing Royal Couscous Party with Gnawas
musicians, dancers, DJ & lots of fun!

Enjoy fantastic, home made
Moroccan cooking in a wonderful and romantic place to have the best
(secret and intimate) New Year’s Eve party in Marrakech, hosted by Black

This great celebration will start at
20:30 on December 31, 2011 and run until
01:30 on January 1, 2012.

Don’t miss the best party in Marrakech
this New Year’s Eve at Dar Najat by Black Zitoun!

Rate all included,alcohol free of charges
excepted champagne in supplement:125 euro/person.

If you’d like to be a part of the last great
party of 2011, and bring in 2012 in style at a great place, surrounded
by great friends, call me at 00212661439221.

Or ,reach me back here for a booking confirmation.

We hope to see you there!

Your sincerely,



best place in Marrakech for having the coolest new eve party!



"best place for party people in africa",riad dar najat

have the best new eve party with dar najat by black zitoun

if you desire be a part of it.and to start a great 2012 year together,reach me back for booking on 00212661439221.

Yours sincerely,OLIVER.


Great atmosphere, friendly staff, fantastic owner

RIAD MARRAKECH_DAR NAJAT“Great atmosphere, friendly staff, fantastic owner”

“Fantastic Riad in good location”

Riad Dar Najat — great welcoming riad

Stayed in Riad Dar Najat for only one night, because our previous Marrakech riad, Riad Celia, was full. My husband and I were travelling with two teenage daughters. We loved Celia but Dar Najat was even better. It is smaller than Celia with only a handful of rooms but the atmosphere was wonderful. The rooms were small but beautifully decorated. The lighting and artwork are fabulous. The roof terrace is a great spot to relax and get away from the wild wackiness of Marrakech. The owners are on site — Olivier, the husband is French and speaks excellent English, and his wife is Morocccan. Olivier was very helpful getting us transportation out of Marrakech.

Breakfast on the terrace was wonderful — fresh squeezed orange juice, cafe au lait, french baguette and jam and pain chocolate!!!! This was perhaps the most relaxing spot we found in Morroco. Our daughters loved playing with Olivier’s puppy on the terrace. The views of the mountains from the roof were super.

Only problem — had to fiddle with the hot water — kept getting cold but if you turn it off then on it comes back hot. (This was a common issue in most of the Morrocan hotels we stayed in).

You will need help to find the place the first time — it is in a small lane off other small lanes in the medina — but when you get there it feels wonderful!!!!

Whichever riad you choose — and Dar Najat is a great choice — stay in the medina not the new city. The atmosphere is unforgettable.

“Olivier Style Hospitality”


Travelers recommendations for Riad Dar Najat&Riad Bab Marrakech on NyTimes.

small luxury guest house in the heart of Marrakech medina

Best Riads Marrakech-Riad Dar Najat&Riad Bab Marrakech



RIADS?for sure!
Riad Dar Najat &Riad Bab Marrakech ,"members of the coolest riads Marrakech collection"


We got to the Medina just as it was getting dark and followed our friendly taxi driver into a crowded street. It was like some strange rush hour. Masses of moving people, but mixed with donkey carts, push barrows, weaving bicycles and buzzing mopeds. Deeper and deeper into the heart of the old city and my senses were working overtime, so much to see, so much to hear, so much to smell, and, whoops, ‘Pardonnez moi’, so much to avoid. We suddenly turned down a quiet back lane and found ourselves at Dar Najat. A lovely warm welcome, and then the beautiful courtyard and… It’s so quiet. I felt my worries melt away.

Our room was delightful, little alcoves set into the walls, tastefully lit and decorated, and as I later found out, with a comfortable bed, and cleaned and tidied every day. During a welcoming mint tea, the owner Olivier, kindly enthused us with the delights of Marrakesh, and as he explained about the wonders of the Call to Prayer, it suddenly started… Totally amazing! As was the evening meal of vegetable tagine. And breakfast on the sun drenched roof terrace is a perfect way to greet the day.

Dar Najat is a wonderful oasis of peace, yet so close to the lively hub of the old Medina. The staff are happy and helpful at all times and our stay in Marrakesh was enhanced to a magical level because of the unseen hard work that undoubtedly goes into the creation of such a wonderful place. Dar Najat, my soul thanks you.

« BEST RIADS IN MARRAKECH »,coolest riads collection

Thanks to our guests &friends for kind words about Riad Marrakech-Dar najat and Riad Bab Marrakech

The coolest:Dar Najat ,Dar Bab Marrakech
Dar najat
is run by Olivier the owner . It’s a lovely and intimate guesthouse with a great sun terrace and views over the Koutoubia Mosque. The service is impeccable and the ambience very relaxed. He is a very accommodating host, ready to help organise transfers/tours and offer advice on anything you might ask him about, great to chat to – he has led very varied and interesting live and enjoy sitting with his guests to chat. The atmosphere is very chilled out.

The room we had was comfortable and quiet; we got up when we felt like it and breakfast was served to suit us. There are only seven rooms available for rent at this riad which means it is very intimate. He has a second riad, dar bab marrakech
just up the road which is also lovely . The vibe is different at the two riads so it is nice to use the facilities of both.

We had a marvellous stay and wouldn’t hesitate to go back
We enjoyed a great table d’hote evening with the host and a group of guests from both Riads, and sampled a delicous Morroccan salad, Sardine dish,tagine of all kind, Morroccan crumble and pastries to go with the obligatory mint tea.

A beautiful and reasonably priced riad in a great location – 5 minutes walk from Jemaa el Fna.


Best accommodations in Marrakech members of the "coolest riads Marrakech Collection"

Coolest riad
This wonderful Riad Dar Najat is at the very heart of the historical part of Marrakesh, the Medina,
patrimony of the whole Humanity, according to UNESCO, being at the same time absolutely quiet.
We breathed the magic of this Riad
when the colors of the sunset matched those of the lanterns, shaping on the walls and columns surrounding the courtyard patterns of imaginary figures reminding us the marvels of The Arab Nights, told the Sultan by the daughter of the Grand Visir.
The magic and beauty of the Riad atmosphere is largely due to the charm of Olivier the owner, and to the delicacy of the whole staff. We will remember forever the dinner with OLivier in his new riad bab marrakech tasting excellent taijines prepared by the staff of the Riad
The luxury rooms, each different from the others, make you part of the wonders of this
magic city. Dar najat thus helps the guest to enter immediately the atmosphere and beauty of Marrakech.
We thus advise smart and bright travellers in Morocco, to take advantage of the enchantment of those Riads
ROMANTIC GET AWAY MARRAKECH,guest houses dar najat&riad bab marrakech,"coolest riads in Marrakech"

best riads marrakech,members of the "coolest riads Marrakech"

“A wonderful Moroccan experience not to be missed.” Riad Dar Najat



I can’t say enough good things about Dar Najat! It is a beautiful boutique riad. The decor is very chic and yet true to the location. The people who work there are wonderful as is the owner. You will really relax here. I also recommend eating here. There food was great. Also, the same owner has a new riad very near to Dar Najat which was also amazing.


Cool place in Marrakech.for cool pepole..!Riad dar najat,"THE RIAD in Marrakech"

We found the Dar Najat to be just what we imaginated; a peaceful (Moroccan) haven from which to escape the bustle and noise of the city and Medina where nothing was too much trouble for the staff. They were a terrific bunch and made us feel so welcome and any information we needed was given. We were taken to the Medina on foot by one of the staff who did not leave us until we were completely comfortable with the directions back to the riad which was only minutes away. We would definately return to the Dar Najat which we need to anyway because we left our hearts there.

Member of"the Coolest Riads Marrakech Colection"RIAD DAR NAJAT

Cool place..for cool people..!!

We had a friendly welcome and 5 star service throughout our stay

Riad and room was exactly as described on website. Service was 5 star as nothing was a trouble to the entire staff. Rooms cleaned and towels replaced daily. Excellent meals prepared as and when we asked .We were escorted to the Square and to and from a restaurant one evening by a member of staff, so that we wouldn’t get lost ( easy to do in the winding narrow streets.) We really appreciated the attention.
Before arrival we asked Oliver to arrange an itinerary for us and all three tours were well organised and interesting. The driver would telephone the Riad on the way home to arrange the time of our meal. If I were to go back to Marrakech I would most certainly stay at the Riad Dar Najat

"special place to saty in Marrakesh!"

coolest riads Marrakech collection member



RIAD MARRAKECH-DAR NAJAT is currently the best hotel Marrakech in the following categories




BEST RIAD MOROCCO-riad dar najat by black zitoun

top riad in the heart of Marrakech's medina

Hotel Dar Najat is currently the best hotel in the following categories



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boutique riad marrakech-Dar Najat

coolest riads marrakech collection member-Dar Najat

GREAT SPOT IN MARRAKESH!dar najat by black zitoun

cool&relax in dar najat!

  • Top Hotels Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz
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best riad marrakech-Dar Najat Top Hotels Africa 

great riad in the heart of marrakesh's medina

romantic riad in Marrakech by black zitoun

The best « french post »on riad dar najat we ever had!thanks to our great guest!

Entre les divers endroits propice à la dérive, Dar Najat se définit comme une L’ENDROIT du passage hâtif à travers des ambiances variées. Le concept de DAR NAJAT est indissolublement lié à la la joie de vivre et à l’affirmation d’un comportement ludique-constructif, ce qui l’oppose en tous points aux notions classiques de voyage « all-inclusive » et de promenade FRAM.

Une ou plusieurs personnes se livrant à la douce et délicieuse dérive DAR NAJAT renoncent, pour une durée plus ou moins longue, aux raisons de se déplacer et d’agir qu’elles se connaissent généralement, aux relations, aux travaux qui leur sont propres, pour se laisser aller aux sollicitations du terrain et des rencontres qui y correspondent. La part de l’aléatoire est ici moins déterminante qu’on ne croit : ce lieu est rêvé et mis en symphonie par votre hôte Olivier.

Il n’est pas douteux que de tels endroits, exemples d’une poésie moderne susceptible d’entraîner de vives réactions affectives – dans ce cas l’indignation qu’il soit possible de vivre de la sorte – , ne doivent servir aux progrès de la rencontre humaine.

Le sentiment de volupté et d’une vie différente à DAR NAJAT se rattache naturellement à une façon plus générale de prendre la vie, qu’il serait pourtant maladroit d’en déduire mécaniquement.

Tout porte à croire que l’avenir précipitera le changement irréversible du comportement et du décor de la société actuelle. Un jour, on construira des villes pour dériver et rêver…

romantic boutique riad Marrakech

top value riad in Marrakech-dar najat by black zitoun

Trip advisor ‘s reviews for RIAD DAR NAJAT

« Unique” boutique riad  Marrakech DAR NAJAT

A unique riad located in the heart of Marrakesh, just a few minutes walk to the
Djemaa el Fna. The staff were very friendly, accomodating and had helpful tips
on where to go and what to do in Marrakesh and even arranged for a henna artist to come and decorate my feet. The terrace was a great place to get to know the other guests over a big breakfast, to relax / read or even cool off in the jacuzzi as the summers can get hot. The interior decor is stylish and a must see! A mixture of traditional
Morrocan, beautuful arab art and eastern flavour make for a special and unique
atmosphere that you won’t forget anytime soon…Oliver certaily has an amazing eye and good taste. Oliver, his riad and his team make for a wonderful and hospitable introduction to Marrakesh.

« Authetic,Friendly and Fabulous!” riad marrakech

Just got back from spending 4 days at Riad Dar Najat what a great place to embrace Marrachesh!Oliver and he,s team are all great host and made sure we felt totally at home.Nothing was too much trouble.He organised trips with guides and made sure our party of 8 girls were looked after and went to some very interesting places to visit and restuarants to eat,The Raid is authethic in design and the ambiance is completed with the fantastic chiilout music which wasr played on the roof terrace.He even gave us a memory stick of the music to take back to the UK.We had a daily visit from the pet Tortoise who strolled into our room each day.My only critism was that the rooms needed better lighting to apply the lippy but on the whole what a truely friendly and fabulous place.Will be back again soon.

best boutique riad Marrakech

member of the"coolest riads Marrakech's collection"

Marrakech-dar najat

« very friendly staff »

ジャマエルフナからも歩いて5分くらい立地もよく なにより スタッフがフレンドリーで 道がわからないというと必ず連れて行ってくれます
一人旅のせいもあるのか 色々気遣ってくれて 毎日楽しく過ごすことができました
最後の夜は 夕食を頼みましたが モロッコの食事の中で一番美味しかったです
他の宿泊客の方とも 色々おしゃべりしたり楽しい時間を過ごしました
屋上テラスは いつもご機嫌なレゲエの音楽が流れていて ネットもどこでもつながり
部屋には i pod のドックがあり設備も抜群です

From our friends »World in a Suitcase »

One of our authors, Olivier alias Zitoun, lives in a real paradise in Marrakech – a splendid Riad just 5mn from the Jemaa-el-fna place, and the decoration just looks out of a legend book. Magical. You just want to live there.

He often sends us gorgeous pictures and believe me, when you live in rainy England, you feel you should be packing straight away!

Moreover, Zitoun is passionate, friendly, happy to help. Always happy and smiling! He will know the best places to go and visit – just ask!

He’s a very precious friend and we just know he cares very much for his guests. He will do his best for your holidays to be just perfect.

Of course, he would never have written this post himself. However, we all feel he deserves it.

Olvier does propose, if you book with him directly (via his website or though our contact page under Zitoun) and mention, to offer free drinks – alcohol excluded – (tea, coffee, fresh orange juice, mineral water, sodas).

Even better, for any sty of 4 nights or more, the staff will be picking you up / driving you back to the airport (where the hell have I put my passport??)

I orginally wanted to tell you more about the place, the staff… But I find that the pictures and guest’s memories of their holidays there say it so much better than I. I have selected 3 to make you dream further. I learnt this way that turtles and birds love coming in the garden – extraodinary!


The Riad itself is amazing, and the perfect place to relax after a busy day visiting the sights and shopping in the souks. Each morning we had a lovely breakfast on the roof terrace. We strongly reccommend staying here and loved it so much we are already planning our next trip back!
Forgot to mention dinner is also available on request and Souad, the chef, is a gem in terms of cooking! I definitely recommend the riad for any kind of travellers – young, older, married or single you will just have an unforgettable experience at Dar Najat. Thank you again, I’m coming back soon and with friends this time!


I have just come back from Marrakech where my boyfrend and I stayed at Riad dar Najat which was great. An authentic house with three floors and a fabulous roof terrace. Our bedroom was decorated with local artwork. It took us a few days to take everything in – a delight to anyone who has an interest in other cultures. The roof terrace was a perfect place to relax in the morning sun while having breakfast or pre-dinner drinks (the rose is the best ) while listening to cool jazz or Buddah Bar type music. Moo Moo (Mustafa) was always there when we needed anything and Siad the local celebrity who has recently worked alongside Tom Hanks is also a bit of eye candy for the ladies. We had a fabulous time in Marrakech, certainly helped by choosing this fab riad.
My only other suggestion would be, is to take some warm clothes as it is very cold at night once the sun has gone down.


enjoy the great king size jacuzzi on the roof terrace in the riad dar najat!

great to have a jacuzzi on the terrace in our guest house in the heart of Marrakech


My partner Nikki & I stayed four nights in late November.
We had a great break, enjoyed the chaos of Marrakech immensly and more so thanks to Olivier and his team at Riad Dar Najat. If you book make sure you take up the offer of the transfer from the airport – while its only five minutes from the main market square you wouldn’t want to find it on your own: with a taxi you’ll arrive, as we did, exhillarated from the taxi ride and happy to find the sanctuary.
The Riad is traditional Moroccan in style, friendly and very relaxing. Waking up in Marrakech hearing the bird song is lovely. After getting up you go to the roof terrace for the inclusive breakfast, served by the resident local staff who are always pleased to help.
We found a real plus-point to be one of th services offered by the staff – they will walk you to the restaurant/hammam and make sure you dont get lost and even give you their number if you get lost on your way back. It really is only five or six minutes walk to the centre of everything and the souks.
Lastly, the Riad’s most valuable asset is its owner, Olivier, he made our stay so much better than those of people staying in perhaps ‘more expensive’ western hotels. He speaks very good English/French and made excellent recommendations for restaurants and hammams and activities. Nothing is too much trouble for him. In fact we did have a problem with a hammam we had foolishly sourced ourselves – he recommended the action we should take , made many phone calls and in the end we had an apology from the hammam and a full refund with some compensation.
We were quite surprised by how cold Marrakech was in the evenings – coats were needed and our room had a radiator that worked. The only thing stopping me giving the Riad and ‘excellent’ report was the bed, it was a bit hard for our liking. It wouldn’t stop me booking again!
It you re looking for a good place to stay in Marrakech – this Riad is the one!


« best boutique riad in Marrakech »-guest house dar najat.

September 8th, 2010
boussaba from essaouira

best place to chill out in Morocco,great for honeymooners&singles

6:23 pm
We stayed at a number of Riads during our stay in Morocco. dDar najat was by far the best. The warmth of the welcome from all the staff and the owner Olivier continued throughout our 7 night stay. The other Riads we stayed at were quite gloomy, Dar najat is light and airy. Our rooms were tastefully furnished and decorated and looked out onto lovely courtyards. There is a short walk to the main square and yet the location is very peaceful. It was hard to believe that we were at the centre of a busy town. Overall I think Dar najat has set a new benchmark for me to compare against in terms of service and comfort

« Great place. Very friendly staff. Excellent food.

What a great place to stay. Air conditioned rooms very welcome in the August heat (46-47 degrees). A quiet and peaceful oasis in the middle of a bustling city. Staff are very friendly, helpful, and always on hand. The food is superb and although there are good restaurants around, I would recommend having evening meals here.

August 30th, 2010
5:37 pm
I stayed a few days in dar najat
as a single person in this lovely riad.

The owner olivier and the staff are particularly friendly and you really feel at home after a few minutes. With only 6 rooms, the staff is always at your disposal to provide with food, peppermint tea or a glass of wine.
Nice roof terrace with a jacuzzi to enjoy a sunny breakfast!

Comfortable rooms nicely decorated as the rest of the resort in a mixed Morrocan and african style.

A very relaxing break in a friendly atmosphere.

"special place to stay in Marrakesh"

sun&fun&music&friends in the coolest accommodations in Morocco