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Essaouira Beach

In an exceptional setting on the Atlantic coastline a rocky peninsula defying the waves this Old Portuguese town surprises you with its unexpected architecture: blue-shuttered house and cannons pointed out over the open sea. Know as Mogador until the 18th century, Essaouira was occupied by the Portuguese in the 16th century and still shows traces of this occupation.


THE BEACH : This beach is well-known by the organizers of sailboard contests, and presents a real challenge for surf professionals.

The port of Essaouira was constructed in 18th century. The port of Timbuktu, as it served to link black Africa to Europe and America. One of the most animated spots the city , where fish are sold auction after the return of the multicolored fishing boats.

THE SAKAL: Founded for purely military ends, it kept watch on the ocean and preserved the city against any attack thanks to a collection of bronze European cannons constantly aimed at the ocean.

THE FISH SOUK: It offers a variety of fresh fish straight from the port. Tourist can taste grilled fish right there, in a corner.

THE JEWELER SOUK: Unique in style, jewelry is deigned by highly skilled craftsmen right on-the-spot.